3 Tools Every Body Shop Needs To Achieve Great Results

In every body shop, having the right tools can make all the difference in doing great work or falling short. We’ve seen for years at Bodyshield how much time goes into restoring vehicles to their former glory. 

But what are examples of this you may ask? In this blog, we’ll highlight 3 tools your local body shop needs to achieve the best results. 

Wiggle Wires

One thing that stands out immediately is the wiggle wire. Used for dent pulling, these wires are designed to bring metal back into its original shape. It comes in handy when dealing with cars that have been in accidents. 

Skilled workers insert these wires through access points or drill holes in damaged areas, applying controlled tension to reshape and restore vehicle panels. This requires finesse and precision, making it an essential technique in the art of fixing vehicles. 


When it comes to preparing a vehicle for repair or refinishing, razors play a major role in the prep work. In other words, body shop workers use razors for precise cutting tasks, such as removing old paint, decals, or adhesive residue.

This ensures a clean and smooth surface, laying the foundation for high-quality bodywork.

Additionally, the versatility of razors makes them indispensable in body shops since you can use them for any type of vehicle on the market. 


It’s a simple yet vital tool in any body shop is the rag. Whether it’s cleaning surfaces, wiping away dust and debris, or preparing a vehicle for painting, rags play a multifaceted role.

Having a clean garage is essential for achieving a good paint finish. It’s what makes rags helpful in that sense because it streamlines that whole process smoothly. 

With that in mind, rags are also instrumental in ensuring the final appearance of a repaired or refinished vehicle is spot on for every client’s needs. 

The amount of effort that goes into fixing a vehicle can’t be understated. But one thing is for sure: a well-equipped garage is your car’s best friend! If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your body shop succeed, please contact us on our website or email us at bodyshieldquebec@gmail.com.