5 Industries Benefiting from Acetone

Here at Bodyshield, acetone has been a popular choice of chemical solvent with our clients in metalwork, automotive, and other industries. It’s one of our favorites to sell, as well, due to its versatile nature and ability to streamline workflows at most organizations.  

In this blog, we’ll go over what industries need acetone throughout the year.    

Metalworking and Machinery

Acetone’s role in metalworking and machinery is irreplaceable. It serves as a potent degreaser and cleaning agent for metal surfaces, ensuring pristine conditions before welding or painting.

It’s this remarkable ability to dissolve grease and contaminants guarantees the quality and longevity of metal components, making it indispensable in fabrication and maintenance.


The aerospace industry depends on acetone for numerous purposes, particularly in the meticulous cleaning and degreasing of critical components.

By removing contaminants, acetone plays a pivotal role in maintaining the safety and performance of aircraft and spacecraft, making it an industry staple.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care

Acetone plays a significant role in the cosmetics and personal care sector, particularly as an essential ingredient in nail polish removers.

This potent solvent effectively dissolves nail polish, making it a cornerstone in nail care products. Acetone contributes to the formulation of perfumes and skincare products.


Automotive manufacturing relies on acetone for paint and coating production, as well as for cleaning and degreasing vehicle parts.

Acetone ensures the durability and aesthetic appeal of automotive finishes while enhancing the efficiency of machinery.


The electronics industry capitalizes on acetone’s cleaning and degreasing properties for electronic components, printed circuit boards, and optical equipment. Its ability to remove contaminants without residue is vital in guaranteeing the reliability and functionality of electronic devices.

Overall, acetone’s versatility and essential properties make it indispensable in various industries. And as a vital chemical building block and solvent, acetone continues to fuel innovation and drive development in these sectors.

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