3 Major Industries That Benefit From Rust Proofing

Rust is the enemy of metal surfaces that can wreak havoc on equipment, infrastructure, and vehicles in several industries.

At Bodyshield, we know this just as well as anyone—having served automotive shops and industrial paint shop suppliers for decades.  

That’s why we designed our rust proofing treatment to offer a good solution to combat against corrosion and guarantee optimal performance.

In this blog, we’ll explore three major industries that benefit from rust proofing every year.


In the railroad industry, rust proofing is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of trains, tracks, and other critical components. Over the years, trains are exposed to diverse weather conditions, making them vulnerable to rust formation.

By applying rust proofing to locomotives and train cars, the railroad industry can enhance their lifespan and reliability.

Additionally, railway tracks, bridges, and signaling systems must withstand constant exposure to the elements. By applying rust-proofing on these metal structures, you’ll ensure they remain in top-notch condition and reduce maintenance costs. You will guarantee safe and efficient rail transport.


The metalwork industry deals with a wide range of metal components used in manufacturing, construction, and more. Rust can compromise the structural integrity and appearance of metal products, leading to costly repairs and replacements.

That’s why rust proofing offers you a proactive approach to protect metal surfaces from corrosion, extending the life of metal machinery, structures, and products.

Whether it’s heavy machinery, fabricated metal parts, or metal buildings, applying rust proofing measures is essential to maintain their performance and aesthetics.

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In the aerospace industry, rust proofing is crucial to guarantee the safety and efficiency of aircrafts. They’re exposed to harsh environments, including high altitudes, and varying atmospheric pressures.

Rust formation on aircraft surfaces, especially in critical areas, can easily compromise aerodynamics and overall safety.

With that in mind, rust-proofing shields aircraft from corrosion caused by moisture, salt, and other factors, preserving their structural integrity and ensuring reliable performance.

Overall, rust proofing is a valuable investment in a number of industries. Not only can it reduce maintenance costs, but also improve longevity and increase the efficiency of how businesses operate.

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