3 Industries You Didn’t Know Use IPA 

Most people will recognize the smell and effectiveness of IPA in sanitizer. But did you know it is much more versatile than you’d expect?

Beyond disinfecting your hands and cleaning wounds, IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) has become an important chemical product to have at multiple organizations.

In this blog, we’ll explore 3 industries you didn’t know use IPA on a regular basis.


In the aerospace world, precision and cleanliness are non-negotiable. That’s where IPA comes into play since it’s a reliable chemical that leaves aerospace parts and facilities spotless with ease.   

Additionally, IPA also ensures surfaces are pristine before coatings or adhesives are applied, as well as removes flux residues—guaranteeing solid performance.


IPA’s role in electronics manufacturing has been invaluable for years. In the production of printed circuit production boards, for example, IPA removes flux and contaminants without harming sensitive components.

Better yet, IPA can also eliminate fingerprints and dirt for laptops screens on display at your favorite tech store.

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This comes as no surprise given how vital IPA is in sanitizer. You see it in hospitals, first aid kits, and in hand sanitizer at local restaurants and establishments.

But IPA is also used in in molecular biology experiments for DNA and RNA precipitation. It keeps lab environments sterile by cleaning and disinfecting equipment.

For some extractions and purifications in lab settings, IPA is a solvent of choice.

When it comes to cleaning equipment, killing germs, and everything in between, IPA is one of the best chemicals you can purchase for your organization.

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