How To Keep Your Facility Clean This Winter

During the winter months in Montreal, it is often challenging to keep warehouses and other facilities clean. With the constant presence of snow, ice, salt, and moisture everywhere, you have your work cut out for you. 

But with the right chemicals on hand at your organization, it’s more than possible to maintain a clean and safe environment for your employees. 

So, what do we recommend at Bodyshield? In this blog, we’ll go over exactly what you need to make sure your facility is taken care of this winter. 


If you’ve ever used hand sanitizer, you’ve come across IPA before. It’s a versatile cleaning and disinfecting agent that can effectively kill germs, viruses, and bacteria from any surface.

This is especially valuable in high-touch areas like hospitals and restaurants, which is crucial during the cold and flu season.

Grease & Wax Remover

At Bodyshield, we’ve seen this powerful chemical in a lot of the body shops we service. It makes cleaning after a long day more fast and convenient!

Grease & Wax Remover is a great choice for removing tough stains, which includes oil, grease, adhesive residues, and other contaminants that are often prevalent in facilities during the winter.

More often than not, this ensures surfaces remain presentable throughout the year without any issues. If you’d like to learn more about how Grease & Wax Remover can help your business, feel free to contact us on our website or social pages

De-Icing Salt Neutralizers 

During the winter months, we’ve seen how salt and de-icing agents can lead to salt stains and corrosion on most surfaces. It can happen quickly and is usually hard to get rid of on your own. 

That’s why salt neutralizers are designed to clean and remove salt deposits, protecting against salt-related damage and maintaining a clean appearance.

Floor Cleaners

Used in most office buildings, warehouses, and malls, floor cleaners are designed to tackle winter messes with ease. They remove salt, mud, and other winter-related contaminants. 

In addition, they also reducing the risk of slip hazards meaning you don’t have to worry about a bad fall or accident. 

Montreal winters can be brutal. However, thankfully we’ve adapted over the years to be able to keep facilities clean, comfortable, and welcoming. All it can take is a healthy cleaning schedule and the right chemical products.

Are you a business with a large warehouse or facility that needs daily maintenance? If so, contact us today at