Chemicals You Didn’t Know Were Used to Maintain School Buses

School buses need to be maintained regularly to ensure comfort and safety for the students who rely on them every day. At Bodyshield, we understand this and have done our part to help these companies for decades. 

While most of us are familiar with the exterior washing and routine maintenance of a school bus, there are several chemical products used behind the scenes to keep them in good shape year-round.

In this blog, we will highlight the best ones to have if you own a school bus company. 


Beyond its use as a disinfectant, IPA can easily detect, clean, and disinfect high-contact surfaces on school buses such as handrails and grab bars.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping these surfaces germ-free has been a top priority for school bus companies.

Grease & Wax Remover 

Grease & Wax Remover plays an important role in school bus maintenance. It helps remove stubborn substances like adhesive residues, gum, and, as the name suggests, wax and grease.

Keeping a clean and presentable exterior is not only aesthetically pleasing for students but also reflects a commitment to safety and professionalism.

If you need grease & wax remover for your school bus or garage, please contact us for our high quality version on the Bodyshield website. 

Parts Cleaner XPC

Whether it’s a specialized brand or a general-purpose solvent, parts cleaners are essential for maintaining a school bus’s mechanical components.

They help remove grime, oil, and other contaminants from engine parts and mechanical systems. By keeping these parts clean, school bus companies ensure that the vehicles operate with no issues. 


Rustproofing may not be as surprising, but its importance can’t be overstated. School buses, like any vehicles, are susceptible to rust and corrosion, particularly on their metal components.

With that in mind, typical rustproofing methods, such as undercoating and rust inhibitors, protect the bus from the harmful effects of moisture, salt, and other corrosive elements.

Throughout the year, school buses are important to help both students get home and relief stress off busy parents. If you’re a school bus company that needs assistance in its maintenance efforts, please contact us on our website or email