Top 5 Chemical Solvents for Your Body Shop

After spending three decades in the automotive space, we learned how important chemical products are to body shops. At Bodyshield, we see every day how they make a difference in achieving great results your vehicles. 

Chemical solvents help particularly with refinishing, helping your local garage prepare surfaces in a car and clean equipment. 

But what are the best ones to have in a body shop?

In this blog, we’ll go over the top 5 chemical solvents to have:  


Acetone is a valuable chemical solvent in any body shop. Its best use is in degreasing and cleaning vehicle surfaces, which ensures a high quality foundation for your work.

In addition, acetone is essential for pre-painting surface preparation and is a key component in paint thinners. Its quick evaporation guarantees a residue-free canvas for your artistry.


In our experience, xylene is a popular solvent in the automotive space. It’s great for removing stubborn adhesive residues on vehicles like stickers, decals, and tapes, which can be a nuisance during body shop workers. 

This chemical also shines when it comes to cleaning spray guns and equipment, preventing clogs and ensuring uniform paint application.

Gun Wash Thinner 

Universally, gun wash thinner is beloved by all body shops. It’s used to dissolve and remove stubborn paint residues and contaminants from spray guns, nozzles, hoses, and other components. 

The regular use of gun wash thinner also helps prevent the buildup of paint and coatings on your equipment, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

At Bodyshield, our Lemon Scented Thinner has been our clients’ best friend for years. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us on our website or social pages

Basecoat Reducer

Another popular choice for body shops is basecoat reducer. This is useful particularly in paint stations within most garages. It’s designed to adjust the consistency of basecoat paint, ensuring it is sprayable and provides a smooth, even application.

With that in mind, basecoat reducer also allows for the blending of many different paint colors, which is essential for matching the exact shade of a vehicle’s original paint. 

In a body shop setting, proper paint consistency is vital for achieving a finish that will leave clients satisfied. 

Oil Base Rustproofing

Especially for vehicles that reside in harsh weather conditions, rustproofing important for body shops to have in stock. 

Rustproofing helps protect vehicles from the damaging effects of corrosion, which can extend the lifespan of any car and maintain its value.

Applying rustproofing annually makes your vehicle safer, too. Corrosion can weaken the structural integrity of a vehicle, posing safety risks. Rust proofing helps maintain the strength of the vehicle’s frame and chassis.

These chemical solvents only scratch the surface of the array of products used in body shops every day. If you’d like more information on how Bodyshield can help your garage succeed, please contact us on our website or visit our social pages